Still I Pictured Him Everyday - Hope to Have a Man Like Him

I am married, yes. But in my mind, I am still counting on the days, that my man, will become the same person as who my father was. A man of honor, integrity, love, concern and everything that a man should be to his wife and children.

I can't blame myself to be in this kind of situation where I think of him all the time for I have made mistakes to the time when he is alive and until the time where he is losing his life. I wasn't able to hug him ever since I became a teen. I remember the time where I have touched him, was when he was in the hospital experiencing Dementia, that was a year ago before  he died and the second time was when he is already lying dead, leaving us all.

I missed you so much father that I want to be you. Loved by children, remembered and missed by loved ones.


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